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Integrity, Honesty, Community

Apparently, I am a non-candidate for the first district of Tennessee.  The GOP has removed me from the ballot.  They said, at 4:45 on the phone, pay me $ 2500 in the next 15 minutes or we send you a letter stating, You are not a bonafide Republican and will be removed from the ballot.  I refuse to be extorted by this group of people, who are out to maintain the status quo.  I only affiliate myself to CAVPAC. I hold fiscal conservative values and will not see my neighbors thrown to the dogs.  Feel free to write my name on the ballot come August, if you believe in Tennessee and your fellow man.
I will say that our present representative in the US House of Representatives, Diane Harshbarger has stept up to the plate.  She has begun to voice opinions we all like to hear.  God bless her.
Chuck Miller is dedicated to God, family and our community.  We have come to a critical time in our government.  What we know and love is soon to vanish before our eyes.  Our present representative in Congress is silent as a church mouse.  Unwilling or afraid to confront those who would destroy our lives.  I bring you informed and intelligent representation who will confront the problem at every turn with honesty and integrity, and ensure you know the truth to my best ability.  Tennessee and America first.

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Tennessee is sovereign, Tennesseans decide there own future.  We are not to be tied to a sinking ship and told what we will be given.  The Declaration of Independence states the governing serve at the convenience of the governed.  I have not seen anything from Washington that even remotely resembles this.  The present administration and legislation believes they can squander our money and dictate what we will accept and be left with.

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I am an American patriot, veteran, ordained minister, manufacturing engineer, husband and father.  I fought on the front line of the Cold War.  I have one God-given talent, I can fix anything made by man.  When I was in the 2nd grade at Thanksgiving time, my teacher said write a story about Thanksgiving.  Well, I wrote a 13 page story about how I was the family pet turkey. The teacher had me tested immediately.  All I know is I am a sponge for knowledge and I do not accept ignorance is my self and I have a hard time accepting it from people who make decisions for me.  You have never heard of me because I am a worker bee like you.  Our government was corrupted by man and needs to be fixed.  I was taught there are two rules in America; Live and let live and do not tread on me.  That means you don't tread on my neighbor, my district, my state or my country.  I do not understand why the person who gathers the most money wins the election.  This is not about you giving money to me, it is about the government not taking the money your hard work brings.

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