Who We Are

We are Appalachia Tennessee.  We made the difference between winning or loosing the war, which gave birth to this great nation.  We will make the difference until the end of this nation.
Every year more people from around the world come to visit our home, the Smokey Mountains.  It is an ecosystem unlike any other.  Three thousand years ago King David wrote, "Bow down your heavens Lord. Draw near to me. Touch the mountains and they will smoke.  He had no idea those mountains were right here. God's presence is in the hearts of every man and woman who lives here. Seek him and you will find him  For this very reason we will be a force to be reckoned with and have always been.
Our nation was inspired by God's word this is His nation and God's Grace has made us prosper. The people of the entire world look to us to uphold rightness and just treatment by governments.  Now that the world sees the USA being destroyed from within. They all fear for their own future safety.
We all need to stand up and declare to the New World Order this is the people's country, God's country and we will never submit to their control.