We hear over and over how mankind is destroying the environment.  Truly we all contribute to the unnatural elements in our atmosphere.   What they don't tell you is the United States of America has worked hard for decades to clean up our act, unlike other countries who have little to no concern.  We hear how we must reduce our carbon footprint.  When in fact there are eleven active volcanoes each of which are spewing more carbon dioxide that all of mankind has every released.

The truth is climate change happens. We have no data showing 500 year or 1000 year cycles in the environment.  We do know our magnetic poles are moving around at surprising rates.  These are forces, which affect our climate that we have no control over and it is arrogant to believe we can.
In so far as renewable energy goes, I spent 8 years trying to sell renewable energy and green building practices to the public.  I have watched three generations of companies providing renewable energy products go bankrupt and disappear.  I was a member of NCSEA, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, and an EPA Energy Star Partner.  I have more experience and expertise in the field than most anyone.
In short, there is a lot we can do to reduce our energy usage.  I can build a house,which requires very little energy to heat and cool.  I found it impossible to get people to invest the money in means to reduce their dependency on electricity and gas.  No one was willing to spend one third more money for new construction homes, which required far less to heat and cool.
There is a whole lot of talk and very little action.  Rather than crippling our economy and lives forcing drastic changes at once, we need to provide initiative for building smartly.  We realize, at most, fifteen percent of our hydroelectric potential and even less of our solar energy potential.